Swiss Digital Skills Academy – Mastering Open Educational Re-sources (OER) and Open Educational Platforms (OEP) - Contribution of the Unviersity of Teacher education Bern (PHBern)



The University of Teacher Education in Bern (PHBern) participates to a P8 project -Swiss Universities ( aiming to enhance the digital skills of educators and preservice teachers. The presentation will describe the project and focus on the role and contribution of the Univesity of Teacher Education in Bern.
Open Educational Resources (OERs) and Open Educational Platforms (OEPs) are playing a key role in strengthening digitalization in higher education. Up to now, their development and deployment have been mainly carried out by IT services and media experts. Thanks to the Swiss Digital Skills Academy, instructors’ awareness and skills will be developed to enable and empower them to take control of and fully adopt their digital ecosystem in their educational practices, including legacy and cloud open resources, platforms, and apps.

Digital skills training for instructors will be co-designed and federated between Swiss Academic institutions and rely on shared open, i.e., freely accessible, resources and platforms. The instructors will be trained the way and with the resources and platforms they should integrate in their own teaching practices.

The knowledge transfer will be delivered as short workshops or learning sessions, as well as more complete modules or programs targeting Certificates of Advanced Studies (CAS). Beneficiaries will be educators in higher education institutions and HEP students. Trainers will also come from the same community, strengthening as such exchange of practices and sharing of competences.


Michele Notari is Professor in technology enhanced learning at the University of Teacher Education in Bern Switzerland and the University of Hong Kong. His research area is computer supported collaborative learning, technology enhanced project-based learning, wearable computing, learning using Computer mediated reality and learning design foster-ing the 21st Century Skills. He was the founding president of the One Laptop Per Child or-ganization Switzerland (part of and founding member of, wisdom accelerator for youth. Michele sits on several boards as expert for tech-nology enhanced education including the Athena School of Management in Bombay and has given keynote talks at the Horasis conference, the Woman Justice Summit and many others. He runs and participates to different initiatives enabling and enhancing learning us-ing technologies in remote areas in the world.

Target Groupe:

Lecturers, teachers and preservice teachers