From discipline(s) to cooperation: five levers to transform education and research



Education often remain led by discipline(s): disciplines that fragment realities and knowledge, discipline that punishes anyone who does not surrender to the axioms of the field – try to question money creation in an accounting course, or biaises of RCT trials in medical studies. Curricula and funding also generally remain structured by disciplines controlled by experts. What if there was another way?

During this workshop, I will invite you to discover and experiment five levers that could profoundly transform education, so that schools and universities become communities where everyone is recognized for their talents and for their contribution to the collective. This presentation focuses on group dynamics and changing habits. The levers presented do not require any change at the structural (institutional) level.



Fabio Balli leads open science projects to move towards an economy where each human can live decently and healthily. In 2020, he wrote a report on open sciences in Canada, co-organized the European hackathon against COVID19, and led the Geneva Health Forum Open Village to promote freely adaptable equipment for health. Fabio finishes a thesis on "Ending misery: how 1000s of people can put in commons their resources to achieve collective wealth." He holds a MAS in Human Systems Engineering and is a Trainer (eidg. FA).



Target Group:

Educators, Trainers, Teachers willing to improve their teach/learn dynamics with peers and students